Marketing & Advertising

Website Advertising
  • The ABCOC offers individuals and companies to insert advertising material on its website
  • It can range from general information about the company and its product to its news and special offers
  • By advertising your company or your product on our website, you will improve its visibility and will boost opportunities to relate with companies in Asia and Baltic regions

Advertising in E-newsletter

  • Every month the ABCOC publishes an E-Newsletter, which includes the latest news about the Chamber and the Asian and Baltic markets
  • At the end of our newsletter we also add advertising material where companies can present their products and their services, their missions and their projects
  • We accept prepared material or we can tailor and translate it ourselves, in case the translation is needed, from your indicated sources

Media Advertising

  • We also offer you the possibility to spread the word about your company and your products via press, radio, television and other media
  • We advertise Gold member’s company details on the ABCOC website including link to a company’s website for free

Advertising in Trade Fairs

We offer you the possibility of advertising your company in trade fairs.

Advertising in Events and Meetings Organised by The ABCOC

  • Market your company and promote its goods and services to the large international community
  • Market your daughter companies on the ABCOC website
  • Present your company up to 10 minutes at ABCOC meetings