Business Consulting

Data Base Research

ABCOC can carry out research of both Asian and Baltic markets using databases that are provided by various companies and associations. All addresses provided by the ABCOC are tailored specifically to your request.


Once database research on Asian and  Baltic markets is completed, certain companies can be contacted by the  ABCOC on your or your company’s behalf.

Partner Search

Market-oriented research is necessary to guarantee the success of your business in a foreign country. The ABCOC carries out research, aimed at finding:

  • Business representatives
  • Importers and exporters
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers and retailers
  • Final clients and customers
Commercial Information About Companies

Information, regarding Baltic or Asian companies can be requested in Arabic, Lithuanian, Russian, Estonian, Latvian or English.

Seminars & Other Events

ABCOC promotes bilateral relations between the two regions and, therefore, cooperates with businessmen, companies, ministries and other institutions from both Asia and Baltic regions and organizes international projects. The following events are organized by the ABCOC:

  • Business missions
  • Institutional delegations
  • Trade fair visits
  • Workshops and business meetings
  • Conferences, video conferences, press conferences, lectures
  • Representations of products and services

Employee Research and Selection

ABCOC offers help in finding suitable employees as well as organizes training courses.
This service is not limited to CV screening, but is tailored according to specific requirements of the position and is sensitive to changes in work regulations and employment conditions. Members also have the possibility to use the Chamber’s contact pool in search of prospective candidates.